Hostel in Lviv vs Hotel near Lviv? Think responsible;)

We invite you to visit the hotel-restaurant complex "Styl", located in the ancient city of princes and craftsmen - Zhovkva. Become our guest, you can find a real home comfort in comfortable rooms and enjoy delicious Ukrainian and European cuisine in the restaurant. In addition, the building, done in Renaissance style, allow you to plunge into the historic atmosphere of hospitality and elegance.

Away from the city, you get a wonderful holiday in the country in the comfort hotel. Hostel in Lviv usually more expensive and do not have the comfort of the hotel. We offer a variety of comfortable rooms to choose from for every taste and price. We encourage people who want to spend their holiday yakiynyy choose a hotel near city instead of hostels in Lviv. Shuttle provides distance to town 25 km almost perfect road. Welcome to Zhovkva hotels!

Zhovkva - a famous historical and cultural tourist center of Ukraine, located 25 km north of the city and 35 km from the Ukrainian-Polish border. The city was built in 1597 on the lands of ancient settlement and is considered to be model of "ideal city" of the Renaissance. In the XVII century Zhovkva was the seat of Polish King Jan III Sobieski, and in XVII-XVIII centuries it was popular by its art school and school of woodcarving. There are located about 55 monuments. It will be interesting for guests of our city to visit the Vicheva square where the castle is situated and was built in 1594, the Church of St. Lawrence XVII., Basilian (XVII-XX centuries) and Dominicans (XVII-XVIII centuries).

Special Offer

Weddings and banquets from 350 UAH per person

Weddings and banquets. Delicious and good serving. Reasonable prices - from 300uah person.

Special offer for groups of children

Currently, a special offer for groups of children from 140 UAH / person.

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