Zhovkva built on the concept of "ideal cities" of the Renaissance. The essence of the concept was to create a balanced planning structure of the city - each architectural object given an exact location relative to others. One of the modern city Nikolay Bevz researchers drew attention to compliance planning structure Zhovkva theoretical development Kataneo Italian Pietro (1500-1572 years). This architectural design realized Paul happy.

The outstanding historical and architectural ensembles include Market Square (modern area Vicheva) the castle in 1594, the church of St. Lawrence XVII century, Basilian (XVII-XX century) and Dominican (XVII-XVIII century) monasteries and others. The high artistic value are examples of wooden architecture, preserved in the former suburbs and synagogue in the Renaissance style. In general, to explore on foot the most outstanding architectural monuments Zhovkva need no more than two hours, because most of them located in the square and streets parliamentary principles emanating from the area, including Lviv.

Worth visiting:

  1. Market Square (pl. Vicheva)
  2. Church of St. Lawrence
  3. Basilian Fathers Monastery (Temple of the Heart)
  4. Dominican Monastery (Temple St. VM. Josaphat)
  5. Synagogue
  6. Castle
  7. Town Hall
  8. Church of the Holy Trinity
  9. Church of the Nativity
  10. Church of St. Lazarus
  11. Zverinetskaya and Glinskaya gate
  12. Monument burial of victims of the NKVD

Source: Wikipedia

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